Hey reader, my name is Walker Lamar Kemp. I’ve lived in Santa Barbara my whole life, and along the way I have found a passion for music, film, digital art, and photography. I’ve been playing music since I was 7, I’ve loved film ever since I can remember, I’ve been doing graphic design and photography since the beginning of freshman year, and I’m still obsessed with doing all of these things. I have drawn profile pictures for the Fat Jewish, I have been a camp photographer at River Way Ranch Camp, and I worked as assistant director on a short film entry in the 2017 Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s 10-10-10 competition.

On this blog, I’ll be updating you about what’s going on in the music, film, art and photo worlds of Santa Barbara (and beyond), and I’ll tell stories about my personal experience in these fields. I want to know what you guys think of my blog, comment below and let’s connect!

This is me screaming at a camera at camp when I was 10. I’ve come a long way.


And yet, still there is a long way to go.