Hey everybody, this week I want to tell a story about the Summer of 2016, when I was a CIT and photographer for a month at California’s best sleep away camp, River Way Ranch Camp.

Mumbles and Axel in Sequoia

I had been going to this camp for six years as a camper, and I fell in love with this place the first time I went there.

River Way Ranch Camp, August 2016

River Way Ranch Camp is a traditional summer sleep away camp, with old traditions like archery, arts and crafts, boating, etc. but it also adds a modern touch with jet skis, wake-boarding, paintball, and dirt bikes. And the counselors and staff members all have their own camp name. Mine was Vector.

Vector and Nola

After I took photos for Sigma, the media director, for an activity period, he asked me if I wanted to be a camp photographer and work on the media team as a CIT. I agreed, of course, and I was taking photos everyday for the entire month I was there.

blobdab2 (1)
Blob Dab 2

Sigma is an awesome guy, he’s from Australia. He is an awesome photographer and I learned almost all I know about taking photos from him. He’s definitely one of the main reasons I take photos today and have a passion for photography. Here’s a link to his Facebook if you want to check him out. Hood Imagery


For half of every day, I took photos of activities and kids. I got access to every activity and I just walked around ranch taking photos. It was awesome. After I was done taking photos, I went back to the media office and went through the ones I took, uploaded the good ones for parents to see, and went back to take more photos.

Aurora being Aurora in Sequoia 

Working in the media office was awesome because I had access to the computer and internet, which other CIT’s didn’t. The first thing I did when I started working was email my mom.

At the end of the month, Sigma asked if I could make the CIT slideshow, I said yes and made a slideshow of all my fellow CIT’s.

I went home sad that I was leaving, but happy that I left with learning more about something I love and the ability to better myself at it. I’m forever grateful for my experience at River Way, both as a camper and a CIT, and I’m never going to forget the people who changed my life at River Way.


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