About Last Week

A few things were happening last week in the eventful world of Walker Lamar Kemp. I’d like to tell you about it.

My dad and stepmom are on a trip around the world right now, they’re in London today and coming home on Wednesday, March 8. He’s been to Kona, Papa New Guinea, Malaysia, India, Tanzania, Rwanda, and now London. The time difference is huge for most of those places, in Papa New Guinea the difference was 22 hours. They’ve been gone for three weeks and I’m excited for them to get home and to hear about their trip. We’ve been Facetiming, once in the morning and once in the evening,  but it’s switched for them. When I Facetime him in the morning, it’s the end of the day for them. Here’s a screenshot of my dad on his balcony overlooking the Ngorogoro crater in Tanzania last week:

Fun fact, the Ngorogoro crater is 12 miles wide by 13 miles long.

At the end of the 10-10-10 competition screening last month, my friend, Samsun Keithly asked if I wanted to be in an interview for the new MAD Academy promotional video. I said yes, and last week he asked me to also work on the project as assistant camera for the two days they were filming. Again, I said yes. We filmed on Thursday, March 2 and Friday, March 3. On Thursday, we filmed the interviews. Dane Holroyd, who graduated from MAD last year and now works for an editor and colorist in LA, was asked to help with the new promo. He agreed to work on it, and he also convinced his boss, Devon Collins, to let us film the promo with his Arri Amira, with a Canon 17-120mm CINE Servo lens. The Amira is basically one step down from the Arri ALEXA, which is what most feature films are shot on today. The Canon CINE Servo is widely used in Hollywood as well. Devon also came up to supervise us while using his camera and give some advice while filming. We interviewed a couple dozen people, all from different grades. We also interviewed some MAD alumni, including Samsun Keithly, Patrick Hall, and Jim Bob Barnett. All of these people are working in the film industry today, and gave us some awesome answers for the promo. 

After I thought I was done with media for the day, my mom asked me if I could take photos of an art expo for photographer Andrew Thill and painter Meghan Hart at the Mill on Laguna and Haley (the Mill is a great place, by the way, you should go some time). So I got picked up from the MAD Academy and dropped off at the Mill with my camera, ready to take some event photos. I was the youngest person there, but I didn’t worry about it, my job was to take photos, not socialize. After I took a picture of a group of three, one guy said

“It’s nice to put down my camera every once in a while”.

I said, “Oh, you’re a photographer, too?”

“Yes, these are my photos hanging up.”

I didn’t know that I was talking to the photographer of the photos for the expo that night.

We talked a little while about photography. He takes amazing black and white photos of nature and building, not people. Andrew is much more of a pure photographer. Besides turning the photo from color to black and white, he doesn’t edit his photos. He believes in depicting the world as your eyes see it in that moment. We exchanged information, and I left and continued to take photos.

Meghan Hart, the painter, has some awesome art as well. She mostly does portrait art. The favorite of her paintings of both my mom and I is her portrait of Frida Kahlo. My mom has it hanging in her office until it is sold. Here’s a picture of my mom (right), Meghan, and Frida. It was a fun night, I enjoy doing event photography.

On the second day of the MAD promo, we filmed the B-Roll for the background. We filmed people walking in the MAD hallway, students working, a full photography class doing a fake photo shoot, and much more. For the shots of the class taking photos, we set up a seamless white sheet and two color changing Arri L7-C lights. We set one to red, the other to blue, and filmed the class taking pictures of a student jumping around. Before we took down the fake studio, we decided to have our own real photo shoot. The pictures turned out great. Here’s a couple I took, the camera we filmed the promo with is in the photo on the left.


While we were taking down everything on Friday, a group of students from schools all over Santa Barbara came to film a movie I can’t talk about yet, per the director’s instructions. I can tell you that most of the shots were filmed on a green screen, though. I ended up working on the project because the group didn’t really know how to properly set up lights and equipment, they saw me working on lights for the MAD promo, so they asked me to stay and help them with equipment, and to be their MAD representative for getting equipment and additional lights. So now, I’m going to be credited as key grip for their project. It was very fun to work on, I hadn’t filmed with a green screen in a very long time, so it was refreshing to try something different. I can’t disclose any specifics about the film, but I’ll be sure to let you know when it is available to watch.

Last week was a very fun week, I talked to my dad who is half a world away, I worked on two movie sets, and I got the chance to take photos of a fun event and meet one of my favorite photographers. Thanks for reading, see you next week.

Follow Andrew Thill on Instagram @thillcreative

Follow Meghan Hart on Instagram @meghanpaints


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