Kemp Photo

Last week, we took a look at the world of Kemp Graphic Design. This week, I would like to enlighten you on my experience with photography, and what I have done with it in my life.

I have always been into taking photos, ever since I was a little kid. I found a small digital camera at my grandma’s house and took photos wherever I went. I couldn’t stop, I remember taking photos of a rest stop on our Washington D.C. school trip in 5th grade. All of those photos are gone, though. I lost that camera with the full card while skiing on Mammoth mountain in seventh grade. Because I didn’t have access to a any kind of camera, I wasn’t taking photos until ninth grade.d_mergaliyeva_5-2

We had a photography unit in my multimedia class, everyone in the class paired up with someone else and each pair got camera. I was hooked again, I remembered my obsession with taking photos from two years before. It was my favorite unit in that class.

I didn’t start taking photos again until that summer. I went back to a camp that I’ve been going to for six years, this time as a counselor in training. CIT’s have the option to sign up for media to help the media team take photos of kids for parents back home. I signed up for a couple periods and the media director, Sigma (his real name is Shane Hood), asked me to be on full time media team. Every day for a month I went out and took pictures of camp life, it was great. I got in trouble with the CIT director because he thought I was spending too much time at media, but I didn’t care. I wanted to take photos.


I finally got a DSLR camera this past Christmas, it’s a Canon 70D. It’s an awesome camera and I think it is great for both video and photo, and you can shoot whatever you like with it.


Now, I run an Instagram account where I post my work. I take photos for events in Santa Barbara, I take pictures for school sports and events, and I take behind the scenes photos of movie sets. I love photography and I don’t ever want to stop taking pictures. img_6575Here’s MAD alumni Dane Holroyd


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